We understand the real anxiety patients have when faced with the prospect of a root canal treatment. Our commitment in providing you the best endodontic care possible also extends in helping you manage your fears through dental sedation.

Sedation is very beneficial for patients who have:

  • Traumatic dental experience in the past
  • Developed a phobia which caused a delay or complete avoidance of a dental treatment
  • Unease in a dental setting (chair, sights, sounds)
  • Bad gag reflex
  • Problems getting your teeth numb resulting in a painful appointment
  • Fear of needles

Our facility offers three levels of sedation:

Nitrous Oxide SedationNitrous Oxide (Inhalation)

Commonly known as “laughing gas,” this lowest level of sedation is where nitrous oxide and oxygen are breathed in through a small nasal mask. There is a general sense of relaxation. It works rapidly, and the effects wear off within minutes after its use. The patient feels alert and the same as before treatment, and can drive home safely and independently.

Nitrous Oxide SedationOral Conscious Sedation

The next level of sedation is achieved by using a prescribed sedation pill. Patients usually attain a deeper sense of relaxation and may even feel drowsy. Because it is a pill, the absorption time varies from each person, and the onset may be longer and less predictable. We will be continually monitoring you from when you take the pill until you are ready to leave our practice. This will require a mandatory escort and caregiver for your travel and safety.

Nitrous Oxide SedationConscious IV Sedation

What differentiates our practice from most sedation endodontics is the ability to use IV sedation which enables us to control the amount of sedatives and analgesia we need to use. This safe, precise, and highly effective technique have many benefits, including a very quick onset of effects, allows for a more relaxed and pain free experience, and may even provide amnesia of the endodontic treatment. You will be under our constant supervision, using specialized equipments for monitoring, from the beginning until you are ready to leave our practice. This will also require a mandatory escort and caregiver. We will follow up with you throughout the next 24 hours after your appointment to ensure you are recovering well.

Please note these levels of sedation should not make you fall entirely asleep or unconscious – a level which is called Deep Sedation and is usually induced through General Anesthesia in a more medical setting. These forms of sedation allows for relaxation and/or relief of pain while keeping you conscious, responsive, and enable you to breathe on your own.

Perhaps the most important part of sedation is the first step: an evaluation appointment specifically for sedation to obtain an accurate and comprehensive medical history, baseline vitals, physical exam, and an appropriate consultation with your medical provider when indicated. We will identify which level is best suited for your needs, discuss the sedation procedure and preparations, and answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

No matter which sedation level you undergo, our main goal is to be with you in your journey, help you succeed and gain the satisfaction of knowing you are able to accomplish what is needed for your dental health.

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